Add / Edit pages:

Want to Add / Edit Pages? With the Exai's website Builder you can easily Add and Edit pages on your Website.

Your website is made up of pages. Exai allows you to add multiple pages in a short amount of time.

What you need to know to add / edit pages: 

 • There are two ways to add pages: through page settings and through my pages. (See page activities for further information.) 

 • After you add your pages, it is important to know how to navigate between pages. You can find which page you are on by looking at the address bar. 

 • There are certain page activities you can do such as, copying and deleting a page. (see page activities.) 

 • Another aspect of your page is the SEO. SEO is important for your page to be found by Google. (see page settings for SEO).

 • What is a site map? 

 • Add Google Analytics 

 • Change page’s language. 

 See the above menus for more detailed information.  

You can easily manage the pages from the page settings menu. Exai does not put any limit on the number of pages that you can have on your website, so you can easily add as many pages as you like.

Page Settings:

From this screen you create new pages, hide pages and delete your pages.

You can also add additional information about you pages, such as:

    NameLanguageTitlePathDescriptionKeywordsHead scripts