Want to Add/Remove Links from Footer - Links in the footer can be add or removed very easily through the page settings window. Simply click on the eye icon to hide or reveal the page.

In each and every website created by Exai – you can always find a site map in the footer layer of the website. The site map shows by default all existing pages on the website or any new page that is created. 

If for example you don’t want a certain page to be shown on the site in the footer area of your website there is an option to hide it – and therefore have it removed on the footer at bottom of the website.

Here is how to add/remove links from footer:

Step 1: Select the Gears Icon ( in orange)
Step 2: Click Page Settings (in green)
Step 3: Click the page you want to hide/un hide in your footer (in purple)
Step 4: Click the Eye Icon to hide or un hide your page in the footer (in blue)