How to add a Background gallery:

1. Get into design mode. 

2. Select Background area and then background strip. (There are 12 Background strips to play with.) 

What are Background strips? Background strips make your site appear more modern. 

Note: click on=white, click off= grey 

When you click on the background strips they will divide evenly in the area of the header, body, or footer. You can adjust the height of the strips by clicking on them and dragging the arrow up or down. You can move the strip around within the available space by clicking on it and dragging up or down. 

When you click off a strip, the remaining strips will recalculate evenly within the space. 

3. Click the slideshow widget.

4. Click no image icon to remove slideshow images.

5. Choose the transition effect.

6. Choose interval speed.

7. Click images.


    Rearrange images Delete images Add images Edit images:
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8. Slide the “top” slider or type in pixels. Top is the space from the bottom of the gallery to the images. You can increase or decrease the size of the image displayed.