Inherency and Setting Style Properties for your site

Inherency means that all the sub-objects will take on the same properties as the master object. In this case as you go down the flow chart, each level overrides the level before it. There is a hierarchy of levels. See the different levels below. 

It is best practice to start from the top and work your way down from global to specific (level 1-level 5). In this way you can make changes in design mode that effect more than one item so if you want all the items font color to change, you would go into design mode and change it from one of the top levels. 

For example, text can be inherited. To make the text uniform, go to Design mode and click on the text tab. Then, set the parameters (font family, size, and color). 

Level 1-Editzone (master)

Level 2- Header, Body, and Footer (sub-objects)

Level 3-Columns

Level 4-style

Level 5-text

Each level down overwrites the levels above it. For example, if you make a change in the text level, (most specific), then this overwrites all of the previous four levels before it. Once I change an item at the text level and go back to make more global changes from the editzone (level 1) and I want this particular item to change, then you need to make sure the text level is set to inherit and all the levels above are also set to inherit.

Here is an example to change the color of the text items to purple: 

Step 1: First go into the editzone in Design mode and click on text. 

Step 2: Click on font family 

Step 3: Click on font size. 

Step 4: Click on color (purple)

Now, all the normal text is changed to purple. (see change text’s font) If I want to change one item, go into editmode. (see edit mode)

Step 1: click on style 

Step 2: click on text

Step 3: Change color to black (Note: only that item changes) 

This change in level 4 in editmode overwrites anything in design mode in regards to this item; therefore the item text color will not change if I make a change in designmode. If I want the color to change from level 1, then I need to go back to level 4 and choose inherit from the dropdown menu and uncheck the boxes.

Start at level 1 and go through all the levels from the top down in order to design your site. Work backwards from level 5-level 1 in order to check from where the item inherits.