How to design my site:

The design mode allows you to edit and design your website's layout. Make your website more attractive by adding video backgrounds, background colors, pictures, texture (and etc) with the tools for the Background and Body layers. 

Each layer gives you the ability to design a different area of your website. 

Any changes you make under the design mode will be applied to the particular selected area on the whole website just like a global CSS. 

The Background has one set of tools (see 1st screenshot below) and the Body has another set of tools (see 2nd screenshot below.) 

Here is how to design your site:

1. First click the layer on the left in order to choose the layer you will design.

2. Then click on the tool on the right. 

That is how you use the design tools on design mode!

Background tools:

Body tools:

Using the layers in combination with tools will allow you to apply background videos, images, header colors, margin design, radius & etc., to the specific layer of the page you are editing.