What are the features of the background border?

The features or tools of the background border include: border, radius, and shadow.

First, click on the design button and choose the Border tab. Next, choose a zone. Then, hover over the zone and click the pencil icon. Finally, choose a tool: border, radius, or shadow.

The first bar show the 4 different zones:

  • page
  • header, body, footer
  • rows
  • column

The second bar shows the 3 different tools:

Note: each tool corresponds to a different bar. Click the links above for more detail.

Here is how to set background border:

Step 1: Click the design tab

Step 2: Click Border tab (A). 

Step 3: Choose a zone (B). 

Step 4: Hover over the zone and click the pencil icon (same as editing a widget)

Step 5: Click one of the 3 tools (C).