How to Change the Background Image:

To change the background image, first, click the design tab. Next, click the background tab. Then, choose a zone. After, hover over the zone and click the pencil icon. Finally, click the image icon.

You can set any image as the background of your website. If you want some specific image on the background of your website then you can upload that image or you also have an option to select images from the EXAI Gallery.
If you want your website to have different background images for the header, footer and body area, then you can add different images for the separate zones.

Note: In edit mode, you can also apply background images to the specific widgets like textbox, image widget, header etc. 

Here is how to set background border:

Step 1: Click the design tab

Step 2: Click Background tab (A). 

Step 3: Choose a zone (B). 

Step 4: Hover over the zone and click the pencil icon (same as editing a widget)

Step 5: Click the image icon(C). 

Step 6: Now upload an image (in orange) or select an Image from the EXAI gallery (in green).
Example of header background image:
Another Example of header background image: