How do I Replicate my images across the background:

To replicate images first get into the edit mode and click on the Design tab. Next, Click on edit zone and choose the background image tool. Upload or search for an image. Click on the image and choose the tile type for multiple images.

Step 1: Go to Design mode. 

Step 2: Click on a layer. 

Step 3: Click on background image. 

Step 4: Upload an image or search for an image. 

(In this example, the picture is uploaded from the computer.) 

Step 5: Click on the image. 

Step 6: Choose none, horizontal, vertical or both tiles. 

Before image with no replication:

After the image has been replicated with both tile types:
Now you can use any of the following options in order to replicate your image across the background.

To align background image to the center, no repeat. 

To align background image on top, repeating horizontally. 

To align background image to center, repeating vertically.

To tile background all over the screen, repeat both (horizontally and vertically).