How to upload multiple photos

To upload multiple photos from a PC first get into the edit mode and click on the pencil icon of the widget. Next, Click on style tab and choose the background image tool. Then, click on the search button. Finally click upload in the image gallery and choose files from your computer.

Here is how to upload multiple photos:

Step 1: Click on the pencil icon of the image widget. 

Step 2: Click search. 

Step 3: Click upload in the image gallery.

Step 4: Choose files from computer by pressing ctrl and clicking on the desired photos. 

Step 5: Click open. 

Now the photos can be found in your gallery.

Step 6: Choose one of the uploaded photos and click done.

After uploading all the images, you can find all of the images in the image gallery.

Note: Multiple images can be uploaded to the gallery, but you can only add images to your site one at a time.