How to add background spacing:

To add background spacing first, click the design tab. Then, click the spacing tab. Next, choose a zone. Then, hover over the zone and click the pencil icon. After, choose override. Finally, set the outer and inner spacing by clicking on the sides and typing in the pixel size or adjusting the slider.

There are 3 zones:
  • header, body, footer
  • rows
  • columns

There are 3 options for spacing:

Here is how to add background spacing:

Step 1: Click the design tab. 

Step 2: Click Spacing tab (A). 

Step 3: Choose a zone (B). 

Step 4: Hover over the zone and click the pencil icon (same as editing a widget)

Step 5: Choose override (in red)

Step 6: Click the sides you desire (C and E). 

Step 7: Type in the pixels or use the slider (D and F)

Step 8: Adjust the space between widgets (G)