Background texture

Background Texture refers to the whole web page background. 
You can add very attractive textures behind your webpage as the EXAI Website Builder has a huge gallery of textures.
Background texture can be applied to the whole website in a few clicks under the design tab of the website editor if you are using a common master page. If you are using different master pages then you can define different textures for both of the master pages.

Here is how to change the background texture:

In order to change the background texture of your website you have to follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Login to your EXAI account and open the website inedit mode.
Step 2: Switch to design tab.
Step 3:Select alayer.
Step 4:Then click on the image icon.
Step 5: Click search to search to find textures for your site.
Step 6: Click search again and select the texture you want to choose and click on done.
An example of a site with a background texture: