Specify the same text attributes for all text widgets

Set your TEXT from within DESIGN MODE to help you to apply uniform text across your entire site.

Establish a universal text structure for your documents. 

Establish text font, color and size you want. 

 Your text inherits properties from the top down. The text is overridden depending on the level as you go from general to specific. For example, the header, body, footer layer overrides the page layer. See the diagram below

A=page layer

B=header, body, footer layer

C=widget level style-text

A to C goes from general to specific.

C overrides B and A

B overrides A

To specify the same text attributes first go to edit mode then click the design tab. Next, choose a layer either page or header, body, footer. Hover over the zone and click the pencil icon. Next, click the text icon. Finally, choose global font family, size, and color. These attributes can be adjusted for the normal text, header, and link. 

Note: The widget mode overrides the text you made in Design mode, but is specific to the widget. 

Here is how to specify the same text attributes:

Step 1: Enter the edit mode of your site. 

Step 2: Click the design tab

Step 3: Choose your layer under the default font tab (A). (either page or header, body, footer) 

Step 4: Hover over the desired zone and click the pencil icon. (same as editing widgets) 

Step 5: Set font family (B), size (C), and color (D) for normal, header, and link tabs (E). 

Congratulations, you have set the same text attributes for your entire site! 

Note: In order to inherit the text from a higher level, go to the specific level where it is overridden and choose inherit from the drop-down menu for font family and font size. Now your text will match the text of the next highest level where the font is set. 

 If you want to set the text, more specifically, then you can do this from the widget level. (See example below)