Adding / Duplicating a Page

Sometimes you would need to add more content to your website or perhaps you would like to remove an existing page which you don’t need anymore. In order to do that you would first need to navigate to the Page settings:
    1. Click on the gear icon at the top left
    2. Select the page settings icon 

This is where you can see the list of all pages on your website. The first (top) page you see is your website’s Home page. That is the main page of your website and it’s the first page visitors see when they come to your website. It’s important to know that you cannot delete your Home page.

If you want to add a new page that is similar to another page on your website, (a new product page for example) it is best if you to copy an existing page that has the same look as the page you wish to add. To copy a page:
    1. First select a page (the text will be colored in blue once selected) and
    2. Then click on the copy icon to perform the action.
    3. A dialog will appear asking for you to name the new page. Give your page a name and click “Copy page”.

Your page will be created, and then you can select and edit your page. Once you have created the page and clicked edit, you will be able to see your page in the editor. You can then change the content (text and images) on your new page.

To delete a page first select the page and then click the recycle bin icon (instead of the copy icon).

*Once you delete a page you won’t be able to retrieve it.