Exai E-commerce:

How to edit your e-commerce website?

Bring your business ideas to life in just a few steps with Exai eCommerce. Exai gives you the freedom to express yourself while building your presence.
Once you add a product, Exai will automatically generate a "Shopping cart" and "Checkout" page so that you can sell your products immediately.
Your customers can make payments by using safe payment providers, including PayPal and WorldPay.

Manage your products hassle-free. Add them one by one, or input all products at once using our "import all" option.

Customize your product images and create a lasting impression in the mind of your visitors. Play with color, fonts, images, and layouts to create intensely beautiful product pages.

Import products

If you wish to add product(s) to your website, you have 2 options:

  • Add a product one-by-one. Make sure you are on All websites tab in Management and click Edit products to import your product. Add your product by clicking the ‘Add new product’ red button and edit your product’s title, price and currency.
  • Add multiple products at once. Make sure you are on All websites tab in Management and click Edit products to import your product. Add your CSV/excel file and click the ‘Import!’ button to import the products from the file.


You can organize your products with Exai E-commerce.

Make sure you are on All websites tab in Management, and click Edit to edit your website. Click on Product Management button. Then, in the column on the very left, you can find all products imported and not categorized.

Create a new category page and enter the title. To categorize the product you need to click on the product’s name, drag it, and drop it to the category page.

You can later stylize your products look & feel using our styling features.

Product properties

Make sure you are on All Websites tab in Management and click Edit products. Then choose a product and click on the green button with a plus on it. Under Update properties, you can add different product properties. Click on a row, add/choose a property, and add new columns with different values.

Then, under Update catalogs, add a catalog for each product with each property. Click on the empty row and type the Catalog’s ID number, set the color, size, check the visibility, add pieces in stock, and finally set the price. Save your changes and repeat the steps for each property.

Related Groups Management

In the left column you can find all the products that are on the site, while in the second column you can create a new product group.

Click on the add group button and create a group. Then click the product’s name and drag it into the group. Repeat this after you have added your preferred products to the group.