Header / Body / Footer

You can think of the layout of your page as a structure consisting of 3 main parts. Those parts are Header, Body and Footer. If you take a closer look at your page in Exai’s editor you will notice a black dashed line which is there to visually separate each of those 3 areas from one another.

These are the standard components that every website has:

- Header

This is the top most part of your web page. It usually contains common information about your company such as the logo of your company and the navigation bar which holds links of the other pages on your website. It can also contain a heading or a background image but the important thing to note is that the header holds basic information about your company that will be shared among multiple pages.

- Body

The body This is the area between the header and the footer. This is the place where you would like to put the main content of the page and this content is usually unique and different on each page.

- Footer

The footer is the area at the bottom of your page and it is also shared between multiple pages. In general, the footer contains copyright information, logo of your company, main contact information and some quick links to other pages of your website.

After you’ve planned the content for your website the following step is to figure out what goes in the Header, what goes in the Body section and what goes in the Footer. For elements that are common to most pages, you can consider placing them in your page header or footer. The body is where all unique information should go.