How to add a favicon

Favicons are small images which are used by web browsers to show a graphical representation of the website. They can be seen at the left side of the browser's address bar, in the links bar, in the bookmarking area, and in its browsing tabs.

In Exai’s CMS you can add a favicon from within the Website Settings. To navigate there, first choose the Gear icon from the main bar and select the Website Settings icon from the drop-down menu.

Inside the General Settings, within the Website Settings panel on your right, you will notice a Favicon field with a default icon. Click Upload to change the icon.

A dialog box will appear to help you choose an icon from your computer. Select the icon and once again click Upload. Once you have chosen an icon, the new icon will be shown instead of the default favicon. Make sure that the icon you are trying to upload is square-shaped and does not have too much detail since the standard size of the favicon is too small (16px or 32px).