How to change text and images on your website?

Widgets are all the different types of containers on your website, that include: Text, Images, Videos, Sliders, Menus, Forms, Google maps etc. You can imagine them as different content boxes, that have different purposes and functionalities. Basically, widgets are the building blocks, of the entire website. 

In order to make the editing fast and convenient, we tried our best to provide a wide range of widgets to choose from, with all important presets for your website. The widgets have editable features that assist you in creating both the content and the visuals.

You can edit your widget by hovering over it and clicking on the pencil icon that will appear at the top right corner.


If you wish to change the text of an existing widget, move your mouse anywhere over the text and click on it. A courser will appear on the very spot you clicked and you will be able to start typing right away. If you want to delete the text, select it and press Delete or Backspace on your keyboard.

Click Done once you are finished, to save the changes.

The Text and Image widget, which is most commonly used, can be seen as a widget consisting of 3 parts: Text, Image, and Heading. This might not be very obvious at first glance because the Heading and Image can be activated and deactivated.

When you first enter the editor of the Text and Image widget, you are entering the editable area for the entire widget and the text within a paragraph (or simply not a heading). In order for you to be able to edit the Image or the Heading, you will need to hover over the area where the image or heading is positioned and once the area becomes darker gray color, click on it. This will open a new editor with the available options for editing a heading or image accordingly.


To change the image of a widget hover over the Image widget and once again click on the pencil icon.

Choose Upload from the top bar. 

You will see a dialog box which will enable you to choose an image from your computer to upload.

After you have chosen the image click Upload.