Publishing your website

When you are finished with all changes and want to publish your website click on the Publish this Website button from the main bar.

This will open a dialog with a list of all pages on your website from which you can select what pages you want to publish.  

If you’ve only made changes to a few pages you can just publish those pages. Have in mind that making any changes in the header, footer or sidebar level will require for you to publish all pages from that design structure (All pages that share the same header and footer) in order for the changes to be visible on the published pages.

If you have deleted any pages, those pages will be shown at the bottom of the list and labeled as deleted. You can click publish without checking any of the existing pages to remove the deleted pages from your published website or, you can publish with other pages. In any case, if you want to update your published website with the latest changes you would need to publish.