Saving and previewing your website content

You can save your changes, by clicking on the Save button from the main bar.
Once you make a change on your page, you will see the Save button start flickering in red. This is to remind you to save your changes before exiting the editor or switching to a different page so that you don't lose your beautiful style.

You can preview your page before publishing, by clicking the Preview button form the main bar. This will open your page in a new browser tab and you will be able to see how it will look once published and test the page navigation and links.

You can also navigate in your site while in the edit mode, by clicking on the navigation icon in the main bar. Once selected, navigation will disable the editing options and you will be able to navigate between your pages by clicking on your links.
This functionality helps you test your site navigation while live editing.
To exit the navigation, just click again on the navigation icon.