Setting up your homepage

The Home page is the first page your visitors see when they visit your website. It's the virtual front door to your business for the rest of the world. 
A good homepage clearly answers "Who you are," "What you do," and/or "What can you (the visitor) do here." It also resonates with your audience, has a value proposition, calls visitors to action, is optimized for multiple devices, and is always changing to adapt to new design trends.

For all of these reasons, we created the Exai CMS to be easy to navigate and reach with features to accommodate your needs and in minutes create the best version of your site.

When creating a website for the first time, the homepage is the page that is automatically generated and you see it first once you enter Exai’s CMS.

When you enter the edit mode of the already created website this is the first page that opens in the Exai CMS.

- Login to your account.
- Click the My Sites menu button.
- Select your website and under the Actions column, click Edit to open the editor.