Understanding style

It's the menu that gives a distinctive appearance to any element of your website.

In the Style tab which is common for all widgets, you will be able to edit the background color or background image of the widget, to add borders, shadow, edit the spacing, or the hight of the widget, as well as add animation.

To do all this, navigate to the Style tab in the submenu from within the widget.

You also have the option to save any style in the Gallery and reuse it for another widget. The widget you would like to apply the saved style to should be of the same type, otherwise, you won’t be able to select the style from the gallery. For example, you won’t be able to add a style you have saved for a text and image widget to a map widget. 


You can have a different visual appearance of your widget in the mobile version. The changes done in the Style tab in the mobile version are independent of the styles applied on your widget in the desktop version of the widget.