How to use the image gallery?

NOTE: This page is about the inner image gallery of Exai which contains all of the images you use on your website/s.

You might also mean: Gallery widget

Want to display an image gallery on my website - You can easily create an image gallery by simply using the image gallery tool provided in the tool box and upload images or you can search for them in the public gallery you want in the image gallery.

Here is how to use the image gallery:

Step 1:Add an image widget from the tool box by simplydrag and drop.

Step 2:Edit the image widget by either clicking anywhere on the widget or clicking on thepencil iconthat appears at the top right corner.

Step 3:Now click on thesearch symbol(magnifying glass icon) in the edit menu of the image widget.

Step 4:An internal popup window will appear having 3 tabs "My Gallery" containing all the images that you have uploaded earlier, an account gallery and "Search" where you can search in the EXAI's gallery here.

Step 5:Select the image you want.

Step 6:Click on Done. But if you didn't find the image in the gallery and in search then you can alsoupload imagein "My Gallery".

An example of a personal gallery with the option to upload more photos: