To upload images to your personal gallery first get into the image editor and then click on the upload button. Finally, upload images from your computer.

There are two ways to upload an image to your personal gallery:

  • upload button on the image dashboard
  • upload button under "This website gallery"

Here is how to upload personal photos:

Option 1: Click on the upload button on the image dashboard (in orange). 

Option 2: Click on the search icon and click the upload button under “This website gallery”. 

Steps for Option 1:

Step 1: Click the pencil icon of the image widget.

Step 2: Click the upload button (in orange)

Step 3: Upload images from your computer.

Steps for Option 2:

Step 1: Add an image widget from the tool box by simply drag and drop. 

Step 2: Edit the image widget by either clicking anywhere on the item or clicking on the pencil that appears at the top right corner. 

Step 3: Now click on the search icon (B magnifying glass) in the edit menu. 

Step 4: Under the "This Website" tab (red) in the popup window that appears click on the upload button at the bottom (C).  

Step 5: Select the image/images you want to upload from your computer and click open. (See how upload images in Option 1). 

Step 6: Click on Done.