Redirect 301

 A redirect 301 is a permanent redirect from one old URL to another existing page. Through using the redirect 301 feature you can retain the SEO ranking of your old URL. 

Exai makes it easy to redirect a URL by selecting Page Settings and entering the URL you want redirected in the redirect 301 field. You can enter more than one URL. If you make changes to a page, then you need to copy and paste the old path into the redirect 301 including the https:// and your domain name. This way the old page that no longer exists will link to the existing page through the path of the url.

Redirect 301 allows an old url to point to an existing page. When you change the domain name of the page, the old domain no longer exists on Exai servers. Redirect 301 allows for this old domain to point to the existing page so that you can maintain your seo rankings. Also, if people have the old link, then they can be redirected to the existing page that you made changes on. 

Be sure to exclude any extension like .php or .html in the redirect 301 field ( no .php/.html extension should at the end of the link as this may cause an issue with the redirect function).

Note: Redirect 301 only works on PAID sites.