What is a Website ?

Ever asked What Is A Website? Many people ask what a website is or how much should it cost or how can I design a website by myself. 

A Website does not have to be complicated or costly. 

Using Exai, you can create your own website by using one of our pre-designed templates and replacing the content and images with your own material.

• Choose a video background template 

• Choose a sliding gallery template 

• Easy WYSIWYG Editor with Drag and Drop to simplify the process 

(20 day free trial, No Credit Card Required)

Exai offers the beginner some of the best tools in the market to do this. Using Exai you’ll get: 

  • Free Pre Designed Templates that are easy to edit 
  • A Free Image Gallery with 1000’s images to use on your site 
  • Support from a team of dedicated Experts 
  • Mobile friendly website allowing your site to be viewed and navigated from any smartphone or tablet 
  • A Free Font Gallery, with all your fonts categorized according to Type, fonts size and thickness so you can compare and make the best choice for your content look and feel 
  • One Fixed monthly or Annual cost Best of all is that Exai is fully managed and maintained, so you will have no Plugin problems, security issues or system crashes.