Manage my account

Anything you do on EXAI is done within your account on the CRM. To get to the CRM simply login with your credentials. In your account, actions for your website include: create, view, edit, and pay. 

 See how to set-up an account: 
• First, sign up for an account to get started today! 

 See how to access the account below: 
• After you have signed up, log in to your account. See how to login here. 
• If you forgot your password, click here. 

Once you log in, take action on your account. See how to take action on your account below:
• How do I create my site? 
• How do I edit my site? 
• How do I view my site? 
• How do I pay for my site? 

 Once you are logged in, you have access to Exai’s CRM: 
• When you login to the CRM you can view all of your websites. 
• The CRM gives you the option to set roles for your clients and gives you control of your sites behind the scenes. See how to use the CRM for more information.