There are 2 ways to create a website as follows:

Option 1: Exai partners ecosystem services.

  • Website conversion Custom made content changes from scratch
Option 2: Self services
  • from templates or facebook conversion

Creating Your own website:

Create a website to advertise and promote your business. Your site is effective immediately after you click the publish button.

Click on "themes" to start building your website or convert from Facebook.

Here is how to create my website:

Step 1: Go to Themes & Choose a template. Hover over the theme and click 'select template'.

Step 2: Choose the main source for creating your website.
Step 3: Fill in the fields, read the terms of use and click next.

Step 4: Choose another source and/or Click 'Create My Website' (green button)
Congratulations! You have created a website!!!  

After your website is created, you can now begin to edit your website by clicking the edit button in the congratulations Screen.You can now publish your newly created website and give it a domain such as "" You can also get the benefits of a managed hosting environment along with Exai's website builder when you purchase a hosting package from Exai for your website.