First get into the CRM. Then, click on all partners. Next click on edit. Then, click on view partner's font. Finally click on add custom font. Choose font file and format and upload the font.

Here is how to add custom font:

Step 1: Click on my sites. 

Step 2: Click on all partners. 

Step 3: Click on edit.

Step 4: Click on view Partner’s Fonts.

Step 5: Click on Add Custom Font.

Step 6: Choose Font file and Format. Complete font name,choose your format (1 and 2).

Note that each FONT has up to 5 formats. Examples include popular formats like TTF and OTF. Different browsers can render fonts differently so be sure to upload the font you require along with the different format variations.

Step 7: Upload Font file (3)

Congratulations, you have added a font. Your font will now appear in the font menu. You can find the font menu in the Edit mode of your site.