How to edit the mobile version of your website using the Mobile Studio? 

When creating your mobile version, it is crucial to understand that you can make changes to it and give a unique look, without affecting the web version that you have previously created. 

From the top dashboard menu, there are two icons for Desktop and Mobile. By switching between them, you can work parallel on both versions and see the changes in real time. 

How does adding content works on Mobile Studio?

You can add content ONLY from the Web Studio. The content automatically is transferred from the Web Studio to the Mobile Studio. In the Mobile Studio, the items are ordered by default on top of one another. 

The only item you can add in the Mobile Studio is the “spacer” – a blank space item to help you divide the content as you wish. 

Here is what you can do in Mobile Studio:

  • To reorder the items on your mobile version in a way that is different from the web version. 
  • To hide items that appear on the web version within the mobile version.

Any changes made in the Mobile Studio will not affect the actual Web versionOnly the TEXT remains the same in both versions, at any time

What changes affect which version?

When you make changes in the "style" of the items in the Web Studio, those changes APPLY to the Mobile Studio. 

Opposite, when you make changes in the "style" of the items in Mobile Studio, those changes DOES NOT APPLY to the Web Studio.

This way you can create better UX and UI for your visitors using mobile devices.

  1. The order of the items in the Mobile Studio goes from top left as first, and bottom right as last, according to the Web Studio.
  2. If the language of the website is written from right to left, then the order of the items in the Mobile Studio will be from top right as first, and bottom left as last.

 Quick access to your the Mobile Studio:

Step 1: Login to EXAI & enter into the Edit mode of your website (How to edit my website?)
Step 2: Click the Mobile Studio icon (A) on the top dashboard menu