How do I choose a color?

To choose a color click the background color tool and choose a type of color. Then, choose a color from the color palette.

You can choose colors from widget mode and design mode. In both places, you click on the background color tool.

Note: you can also choose background color of a menu. To see how to choose the background color click here.

You can choose color from the color palette either from the basic colors provided in the palette or you can also add the custom colors by simply providing the RGB or HEX value of the color in the input box. 

Here is how I choose a color from the color palette:

 Step 1: Click on the color palette drop-down (see below)

Step 2: You can select a color in 1 of 3 ways:

  • Click on any of the basic colors to select it (# 1 on image) 
  • Click on (a) to select a special color and then on (b) for a specific hue
  • Copy/Paste or type a color in hex or rgb and click choose(# 3 on image).
Step 3: Click Choose

Note: In the example we colored the background green by using option 3, copy/paste rgb and click choose.