Spacing on your webpage:

Exai web site editor allows you to easily add spacing on your website. You can use spacing to effect larger or smaller areas within and around your website.Spacing can be done within an element (from WIDGET MODE) or on the whole webpage (from DESIGN MODE).

 You have 2 options to create spacing in:

 1. Each individual element e.g. spacing your text from within an element. This is accomplished from Widget MODE. 

 2. On the whole page or between elements. This is accomplished from the DESIGN MODE. 

See PAGE SPACING for an example. 

• the whole page (border of webpage)

• in the header 

• the footer 

• the main body 

Here is how to add widget spacing on your webpage:

Step 1: Click the pencil icon of  widget.

Step 2: Click on style tab. 

Step 3: Click on spacing.

Step 4: Click override from drop down menu. 

Step 5:  Adjust the Outer and Inner Spacing.

The spacing can be adjusted to accommodate your design requirements. 

There are two ways to add spacing to elements:

  • inner spacing- separates the content from the border
  • outer spacing or margin- creates space around an element

Spacing gives the option to add space within and around elements and the whole webpage.