Using Animation

You can access the ANIMATION features which allow you to animate any text or image item. This is the equivalent of using advanced CSS features without needing any code. 

The animation editor allows any user to apply special CSS effects to text/images items. Examples include bouncing, fading, rotating, sliding, zooming any many other special effects. 

Within each category we have included best practice on how and where to use animation on your Exai website.

Here is how to add animation:

Step 1: Edit the widget from EDIT MODE (Pencil Icon).

Step 2: Click the style tab (A).

Step 3: Click the animation tool (B)

Step 4: Select the ANIMATION type you require. Choose form any of the animation features from your drop down menu.

Congratulations! You have learned to use animations!

Step 5: Select the duration and activation parameters for your widget. You can set the widget to activate on LOAD or MOUSE HOVER or on BECOMING VISIBLE.