How to apply changes to similar widgets?

After making changes within the item's style, layout, text, or read more, under the heading 'Apply to all similar' check either 'On this page' or 'On all pages' & click done. This will apply changes to widget which are assigned to look the same, either on the same page or on the whole website.

Note: If you make style changes and quit the widget it will not be assigned to the other widgets anymore. 

Don't make that mistake! because then you will have to assign the widget to look like the others again if you still want to apply mass changes.

Here is how to apply changes to similar widgets:

Step 1: Click the pencil icon of the widget.
  • Note: Any features in the dashboard can be applied to all similar widgets.

Step 2; Do any style you desire to the widget
Step 3: Check either 'On this page' or 'On all pages' (in red)
Step 4: Click Done.