Choose a Theme

Exai has a variety of themes to choose from.

Each of our beautifully designed themes can be adapted to your business needs.

You can easily change the content and images with your own and change the colors with the ones that suit your branding.

1. To see the available Exai themes, navigate to Our clients > Themes from Exai's website. 

2. Chose the category of themes you are interested in and you will see a list with previews of the available themes in that category.

3. Hover over the theme and select "Choose template" (or choose "Preview" to see the theme in your browser).

4. Choose one of the available options for creating your website. Fill in your company details and check the "Terms of use" checkbox to continue.

5. Select the Edit Text/Images option to create your new website and edit the content.

6. Your Exai theme is now ready to be edited.

Within only a few minutes and simply replacing the predefined images and text, you can have the result you want.


Our How to Manual will help you go through this process easy and smoothly.

Our team's example of how you can adapt the chosen theme.

So, there you go!
With Exai, have your business presented Your way, 
if your way is fast and awesome as well!