Common Practices for Website Building and Design:

In this section we cover some important and useful techniques.  

These tools allow you to Enhance Your Website using Exai's functionality:


Using design structures to design your whole website in one go

    Fitting a background image to width/height/ it's orginal size.
    Desiging section of your site to have both text & backgrounds
    Remove all styles from a background
    Resizing a background strip image
    Adding a side menu to your website  (and another example)
    Designing menus on the advanced editor

    Using read more buttons.
    Designing your menu to include a unique design background.
Improve your sites SEO to make it easier for customers to find you online. 

Common practices for e-commerce:

Using paypal buttons

SparkPay shoping carts

Using schedulers and reservation functionalities

External add-ons for facebook


Look at the most popular features for widgets, the building blocks for any site.

For more info see Additional Info.