With Exai you can add Google Docs to your website. This means that you can Insert Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms into your website.

You will need to have set up your Google Account and simply copy and paste the embedded code they provide you into an  Exai code widget. 

Learn how to retrieve your embedded code from Google documentation HERE . 
Make sure to "PUBLISH TO THE WEB" your document before selecting the EMBED tab to fetch your code.

Here is how to add Google Docs to your website:

1. Open the document from Google. 

2. Click File (green). 

3. Click publish to the web (orange)

4. Click Embed (blue underline). 

5. Click on Publish (orange). 

6. Press ctrl+c to copy the code.

You can resize the dimensions for your embedded document by inserting the pixel size you require. Just Edit the code item and copy/paste the code below including your URL and changing the pixels as required.

<iframe width="400px" height="400px" src="YOURDOCUMENTSOURCEURL"></iframe>

Replace the width (in pink) and the height (in cyan) to change the dimensions of the window .
Your embedded document retains its original dimensions by including scroll bars to help you access content that doesn't fit.