You can design the widget by changing the background, image, read more, and text.

Example 1:

1. Drag and drop a text and image widget.

2. Click on the pencil icon of the text and image widget.

3. Change the layout to image, header, text. (see icon above): See how to change layout.  


1. Click style. 

2. Click background color 

3. Click solid type. 

4. Click color blue from drop-down menu- see how to add a background color 

5. Click done.


1. Click on the pencil of the text and image widget.

2. Click on the image. 

3. See how to add an image. You can upload or search for one from Exai’s gallery.

Add Read More:

1. Add a read more link. 

Edit Read More Link:

Note: In example, read more is aligned right.
1. Click on pencil. 
2. Click on read more. 
3. Click on advanced    
4. Click text-text decoration-underline   
5. Click item normal. 6. Click text color black.    

7. Click done.

Edit text from style:

1. Click on style. 
2. Click on text 
3. Click on Header.
4. Click style. 
5. Click uppercase. 

Normal Text:

6. Click Normal. 

7. Edit Text. 

8. Click done 

Text Tab:

1. Click text.
2. Click override 
3. Select text in the text and image widget. 
4. Click on link.